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Hello and welcome to my personal website! I'm not the chatty type, but it turns out I sure can write a lot. Feel free to poke around and have all the love and work I've put into the place.

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What's New?

Hey there! I've been super swamped with school and life in general, so many of my creative projects have been put on hold but fear not! I haven't abandoned this place and will be back soon with some (hopefully) super cool projects and pages!!

In the mean time, check out the latest blog post!


Home – The homepage where I highlight what’s new and other fun stuff I think should be front and center.

About – All about the webmaster (that’s me, Bear). where I tell you a little bit about myself and show you around my favorite things. Below are some smaller works in progress sections I hope to add soon!

Art Gallery (wip)

Movie, music, and television favorites and recommendations (wip)

Personal collections (BIG wip)

Blog – Where I post my deepest, innermost thoughts… Okay they’re not quite dramatic, but they’re more dramatic than one-line Tumblr posts.

Works In Progress! — Large, involved future installments for the site! Including but not limited to:

Shrines (I have all the text written up for an anime one already, but shhhh it's not done yet) coming soon

Library (Scanned vintage patterns, stickers, other ephimera) coming soon

Update Log – Running detailed updates in reverse chronological order of major changes made to the site over time. Think of it like a video game’s “patch notes”.

Style Guide – Where I keep a detailed description of my site’s aesthetic, vibes, and other thematic notes, which is more convenient for me to reference while coding than a note doc.

"base.html"– The backrooms, if you will, where I test out and work on new elements so I don’t have to worry about them messing up my nice clean pages. I can't stop you from clicking but I will heavily dissuade you from it because it's ugly af

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