Hello hello, have a fun little look back at some updates to this website! Updates are in reverse-chronological order and due to how few they are at the moment.


Update 1.0.6 New

March 25th

Completely revamped my Index page

Worked quite a bit on the About Me page!

Once again added a few bits and bobs to the site development page (including the recent addition of fontawesome icons and new colors into the mix :O). I've also gone ahead and renamed it once again to be "site deveopment" instead of the vague "style guide" or "masterlist".

Changed some of the smaller/less important image bits to be a “null” element for ease of access for people using screen readers! Anything that requires visual context is left with its (admittedly long) description text, but stuff like bullets and dividers that don’t affect the flow of the content have been adjusted.

Also adjusted the error page to be a little less cluttered.

Added daisy bullet points to all the items listed here. I kept forgetting to do that.

Comments: This one was a bit of a long time coming. This site and a lot of my other creative projects took a bit of a back seat due to many real-life circumstances happening all at once. I’ve also been working a bunch on my Toyhou.se pages, and unfortunately a bigass research essay for my Polisci class lmao so I’ve been chipping slowly away at everything depending on my interest levels.

On a more fun note, my dad actually watched me do a little bit of coding and as a 21st century tech guy, he said in horrified shock that my site “is very 2007”. That is the best compliment I have received since my coworker asked me “what in the geocities is THAT?”

Update 1.0.5 — "The First Big Boy Update"

January 28th

Did some behind-the-scenes changes to the overall website structure and neatened out some spaghetti code, also beefing up the contents of the homepage

Created a sitemap

Made the home page look nicer and added more character to it! Includes a moon phase widget (credit to moonconnection.com)

Finally finished the site development and created this page seperate to it! Mostly because now there have been too many updates to nicely fit on the sidebar!

Decorated a little bit more, making the place look a bit cuter and less like the first draft it most certainly was.


Update 1.0.1

December 2nd

Updated the "credits" section with more background on the site name and links, as well as a few textual touch-ups

First Proper Publishing: 1.0

November 22nd

All pages have at least a bare-bones skeleton of what they’re meant to be!

Published the first blog post about my journey of creating an accommodating website

Archived the very first version of the site to the Wayback Machine and exported a whole copy for my own future reference!