Site Style and Credits

My site name and username in a few other places actually comes from one of those old Tumblr color palette memes, in which it was actually “subtle melancholy” and I had completely forgotten I had seen it until I went to google whether or not “subtlymelancholy” yielded many results. I wanted a phrase with “melancholy” in it because at the time I was invested in old proto psychology and medical theory, particularly humorism and the idea of the four temperaments.

Mine (surprise surprise) is melancholic or “cold and dry,” and mostly I think it’s just fun to use such an old personality quiz result to describe myself in the present day. Now it is more a descriptor, which means "a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause." It’s a very pretty word I find myself identifying with a lot, although I can never quite say it right.

About a month after I started using it for my Ravelry, an Instagram page and a YouTube channel though, someone published what I believe is a poetry collection with the title “Subtle Melancholy” derived from that same color palette. I dunno, I think it’s cute. Hopefully I’m not stepping on their toes.

Website Style

This site was built using sadgrl's website builder. I specifically used the older build of it, but both versions are available and fully-functional. Any unattributed graphics displayed without credits were pulled from GifCities, a tool used to search for old blinkies and other graphics from the Internet Archive's collection. The little flower cursor is hosted on by the user Amy.


I use the Merriweather font family, as I love how tall it is and how it still has a bit of a classic typewriter look to it. It is designed to be read on screens of all sizes, and I've seen it recommended for text-dense webpages. It's a free font that can be downloaded here from fontsquirrel. I have it set to 14.5pt by default for the main content of the website.

Color Palette

As I mentioned in my about page, this site was conceptualized, designed, and coded all with literal rose-tinted glasses. I wear FL-41 lenses for photosensitivity which have the helpful added effect of allowing the eyes to see the contrast in color values (light vs deep).

text = #272824

content background color = #F2ECE1

content border color = #CFC0A4

navigation bar and footer bar color = #A1AD94

navigation bar and footer bar border color = #8A9A7A

background site color = #677B5B

site content contrast color = #FFD0E0

site content contrast shading color = #FFB0C0

Fun fact! All of the greens, yellows, and blacks were picked from a digital image of the Edmund Leighton painting "Stitching the Standard", of a young woman with long dark hair sewing together a black and yellow flag while overlooking a castle garden. It is one of my favorite paintings. The two pinks were taken from the little rose divider from Bonnibel's collection I have on my left sidebar.

Other Sources for Images and Graphics

Some of these outgoing links go to websites which have lots of high-contrast, eyestrain, and/or flashing graphics. Specific ones will be marked with this icon and "warning" as the alt text. Warning

Warning A.N. Luca's 88x31 Button Collection - A source for classic Web 1.0 buttons, including many of the ones in the "Netscape Now!" style.

Warning Bonnibel's Graphic Collection - A varied collection of cutsey pixel art graphics collected by Bonnibel, the webmaster of Tangerine Tree.

Clipart Warehouse A tumblr blog in which the user shares individual clipart pieces from the CD-ROM of Clickart 50000, a classic clipart program designed for use on webpages and in personal digital projects. As far as the user knows the pieces are not in the public domain, however may be classified as "abandonware". They have also provided a link to the full contents of the Clickart CD-ROM as an upload on the Internet Archive.

Warning Enchanting Castle - A site where the user shares their collection of graphics and scans from around the web and from Japanese sales and auction sites.

Fontawesome - FontAwesome is a web-based icon library with a variety of free and paid plans to give web designers a wide variety of icons to decorate pages and add a visual element to text-heavy sites.

Warning Graphics-Cafe on Tumblr - A blog where the user both creates and shares graphics from around the website. Check the individual posts for permissions for sharing and using on Neocities and similar web-building sites.

HTML Color Codes (Colors from Image) - A great tool I use to color pick to get the hexcodes for colors I use, both for making this site as well as working on my digital art.

Pixabay - This is my favorite source for aesthetic photography. The pictures are all uploaded under various creative commons licences. If you really like someone's photography, you can also pay them via Ko-Fi. - Another source for freely useable clipart and vector images.

Wikimedia Commons - "Freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute" hosted and managed by the Wikimedia Foundation.

W3Schools - This is a great resource for almost any possible tutorial you could possibly need to learn how to create anything for your website.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0-2.2 overview - A very basic introduction and overview of web accessibility standards, what to consider, and how to accomodate your web design to make it more accessibile to more different people.