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Working On...

Knitting and crochet projects have been slow and steady. I'm simultaneously working on the Heart Warmer Cowl by Justyna Lorkowska in a beautiful heathered green and a variegated purple and green yarn, and the Blowing Wheat Valance by Katheryn A. Clark in a neutral ecru color. I've gotten through two of the five sections I want to make of the Heart Warmer!

More and more web stuff, it's starting to get a little crazy. I've become OBSESSED with shrine pages as an outlet for infodumping, I'm working on two different Looney Tunes ones and I want to make even more!! I also want to make some doll/toy collection related pages, and an art inspiration page and so many more. In due time, I'll get through all of them, I'm sure lol.


My summer classes start soon! I'm taking an English class for the first time since high school as a part of my program requirements and I'm super excited about it because I'll actually be marked for reading too far into things instead of having to resort to keysmashing over Discord about narrative themes and motifs lol.

The Electric Mayhem show that's dropping on May 10th!! I'm in SUCH a reinvigorated puppet mood since watching the BBC 4 Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared show in October and I'm so SO excited for Mayhem! It's I think 10 episodes and the TRACK LIST has been released and oh my GOD. If I was a vinyl girlie I would be grabbing it because the song selection is unmatched. I hope it'll be good, Muppet productions haven't been the same since Disney bought them, but I believe there are some really enthusiastic people working on the show.

I got a bunch of American animation books last month and I cannot wait to finish up what I'm currently reading to dive into them!! I budgeted specifically for them and they were still pretty expensive 😳. I ended up getting Chuck Amuck: The Life and Times of an Animated Cartoonist by Chuck Jones, "I Say, I Say... Son" — A Tribute to Legendary Animators Bob, Chuck, and Tom McKimson by Robert McKimson Jr, and Living Life inside the Lines: Tales from the Golden Age of Animation by Martha Sigall.

Of course I'm still excited for the Coyote Movie, it kinda goes without saying. With how little has been said still though... I don't think The Brothers Warner trust it.

Reading... (Not Including Textbooks)

Cold War, Cold Peace (1985)

Author: Bernard A. Weisberger

An account of the Cold War and the important events (mostly meetings) which occured after and as a result of the Second World War up until around when the book was written (early 80s, before the war's resolution).

64 out of 328 pages 64/328 pages

Where the Girls Are: Growing up Female With the Mass Media (1994)

Author: Susan J. Douglas

A feminist examination of how the portrayal of women in popular culture has been shaped through television, news, music, and advertising and the conflicting messages sent to young girls and women as a result.

163 out of 307 pages 163/307 pages

I'm absolutely loving Where the Girls Are. Douglas is a little bit older than my mom, but a lot of the television, music, and pop culture iconography she goes over and discusses is the kind of stuff my mom loved growing up and ended up sharing with my sister and myself. The way she writes is also really gripping, I feel like I'm attending a special guest lecture or watching a retrospective documentary through her words. I have to budget my time carefully because I can't easily put the book down when I pick it up.

Cold War, Cold Peace on the other hand is in time out/cooldown because after my assignment I'm really not in the mood to read about the Cold War and former Soviet Union (which is a shame bc normally it's one of my favorite topics, but oh well. It'll come back lol.)


WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-82)

Episodes: 5/22 (Season 1)

A late 70s sitcom about the goings-on at a crappy little Cinicinnati radio station that suddenly finds itself under new management who has radical plans for a new direction, while under pressure of fitting in and looking after the eccentric disc jockeys.

5 out of 22 episodes 5/22 Episodes

Supernatural (2005-20)

Episodes: 16/22 (Season 1)

A monster-of-the-week style show about two demon hunting brothers on a road trip across the United States searching for their missing dad, uncovering family secrets, and coming to terms with the truth about themselves along the way.

16 out of 22 episodes 16/22 Episodes

Funny enough these are both shows I was obsessed with in middle school. Upon rewatching, WKRP is SO much more unhinged than I remember it (in the best way possible.)